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Hello~! 😍
Is everyone doing well?

Already saying goodbye to 2023, and soon 2024 is approaching 🙂

So, to celebrate the New Year, the H.K. team has prepared a small gift for you!
[HK Super Beginner Package]

In fact, besides materials for absolute beginners, Hola Korean offers a variety of resources for beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners. However, the material we're sharing this time is very basic, specifically designed for those who are just starting to learn Korean. If you already have some knowledge of Korean, feel free to skip it!
(For those individuals, we recommend enrolling in our classes for access to more diverse and advanced materials~!)

This package includes 'Korean Alphabet (Hangeul),' 'Basic Grammar Material (Sentence Structure, Numbers, Tenses, Negative Expressions, etc.),' and finally, 'Basic Vocabulary.' So, take some time to study with these materials on your own. If you need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to Hola Korean. For those who want to join classes with experienced Korean language teachers, you can apply through the orientation tab on our website!

Since these materials are designed to be studied with a teacher during class, detailed explanations are intentionally limited. However, they will be very helpful for building a solid foundation~! Wishing you a joyful Korean language learning journey, and in advance, Happy New Year! 😊

If you're interested in experiencing our seamless and high-quality classes with our experienced tutors (Online / In-person / Group), you can find more information on our website. It has everything you need!

Love you guys!❤



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