Most frequently asked Questions

 The sign-up process starts with the orientation form. After filling out the orientation form, our staff will send you a confirmation email just to make sure all the information is correct.

 After you confirm all the information, we will start matching you with your teacher. Our class manager will also be in contact you via your preferred contact route to help you with the sign-up process. 

 Once we have found your instructor, the class manager will contact with you to confirm your free orientation class date. The only thing left to do is wait! 

 After having your orientation, our class manager will send you your invoice to finalize the registration. After making the tuition payment, everything is done! The only next step is to wait for your first lesson.

 To start the registration process, please click the orientation tab at the top of our website. Here you will submit the details about the type of class you are interested in, as well at the time you are available to meet your selected teacher for a free orientation class. 

 While on our website please don’t forget to browse our class options and tuition rates, so that you can fill out your form accurately. The first orientation class is complementary, and is where you will meet your teacher, take our free level test if needed, and discuss your class focus. 

 After the orientation you will be sent the invoice with all that you’ve chosen for your class during the orientation.

Hola Korean Instructors are all certified teachers with a lot of experience teaching Korean. Hola Korean hand chooses each teacher that works with us based on the high standards set by our CEO. Many of our teachers came from nationally accredited language programs in large universities. Some of them are currently still working in those large universities and also working for Hola Korean. Therefore you can trust that your Hola Korean teacher is the most qualified. 👩🏻‍🏫🧑🏻‍🏫

 Our tuition information is available here on our website. Please click the tuition tab labeled tuition at the top of our website. 

 Every registration period’s tuition should be paid in advance. You will choose the amount of months you want to study, how many days per week, and the class duration.

 Therefore your tuition rate will change depending on those factors. When your registration period ends you will be able to register for another set period, as well as be able to make changes to class time, length, and frequency etc.

 At Hola Korean, our motto is to build the course focus around each student’s learning goals and needs. 

 So, the first thing we do, is check your level. If you are already very sure about what level you are, we will place you in your preferred level. However, Hola Korean also has a Free Level Test to check accurately where you are. 

 After checking your level ourselves, we discuss what exactly you are looking for from your class. For example, your focus might be conversational which includes situational speaking and pattern practice. You might also want some help with grammar. So with your decided level, your teacher will prepare your lesson within that level and with your focus in mind.

 Every class is customized to your needs. If you are unsure about which class you would like to sign-up for, you can always discuss with your teacher during the orientation class. What you write on the form is not set in stone, and can always be adjusted later, so you can submit it comfortably 😀

 Currently, we have until level 6 in each of our conversational courses. But we also offer business Korean courses for those who are above level 5 and need more industry specific help.

 We can also tailor this class to university students who need help with their school work or learning advanced academic Korean. We offer TOPIK based courses as well for those who are studying to take it.

 Lastly, for our super advanced students, we offer master courses with topics such as reading news articles, debating, pronunciation correction, and translation & interpretation.

 Hola Korean also recently opened up our small group classes.
For more info on that, please visit the orientation page and click group class.

 We can start your class any day and time! There is no set enrollment period and we are always accepting orientation forms. Whenever you need to start, we are here! 

 We also know many of our students are busy. That is why we pride ourselves in offering flexible evening, afternoon, and morning courses. Hola Korean and its teachers will work hard to make sure the class time is comfortable for you.

 Classes are offered both online and offline 🙂

 If you currently reside in Seoul, we offer classes at our offices in Gangnam, and Hongdae.

 If you are outside of Seoul, or from another country, we teach online via Skype or Zoom!

 We are also able to send a tutor to your neighborhood or home, to meet you more comfortably.

 We can’t answer that question for you unfortunately. 

 Hola Korean does not function like an intensive language course from a university. We work at the pace that you request. If you want to learn quickly, you can sign up for as many classes a week as you like. The length of each class time is also up to you. If you want to learn quickly it will require a lot of commitment from you as well to practice and review in your free time. 

 Our teachers listen to your requests, so if you have a certain language goal to be completed within a certain amount of time, it is always good to make that known to your teacher during the orientation.

Unfortunately, at this time, Hola Korea does not offer any visa sponsorship.