Title[HK EVENT] 15 tips for doubling up your Korean!2022-08-15 19:17
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Hey guys! 

An amazing one day class is coming. 

“15 tips for doubling up your Korean”

Mino teacher will conduct this class and share a lot of 꿀팁(good tips) for you! 

In this class, he will introduce you about how to learn Korean faster, pronunciation tips, how to structure Korean sentences easily, the difference between English and Korean language, etc. 

So, if you really want to improve your Korean, it will be a really really good chance! 💎

[Event details]

-Instructor : Mino @minosaem 

-Date : Aug 26th (Fri)

-Time : 7-8:30PM 

-Location : HK Gangnam (8th Floor)

-Level : 2 or above

<Level 1 students also can come>

- Fee : 1만원 (10,000KRW)

-How to apply : DM us ⭕️

* You can participate even if you are not a current HK student! 😆

Invest 90 minutes and save 90 days!

See you there ❣️❣️❣️

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