: HOLA KOREAN is a Korean language education company that offers one-on-one customized classes that takes into account the learning speed and needs of each student. One of our core values is mutual and sustainable development, in which students and teachers constantly communicate with and respect each other.

We believe in the power of education. Education allows us to achieve many different types of dreams and imagine a better future. Through these different dreams, we can turn this world into a brighter and more vibrant place. HOLA KOREAN dreams of a day when all the people in this world can have equal opportunities for education. That is the reason why we exist.

We at HOLA KOREAN have allocated part of our proceeds to setting up a special fund to provide Korean language classes at no cost to people in need of economic support. We are also trying to establish a regular meet-up for everyone to mingle and chat with each other.

Connecting People


Gentle and
Mino Teacher

Mino teacher likes to talk with his students and get to know each one while building connections through class conversations. He has several years of teaching experience in Korean education and has many students who have been taking his classes for a long time with high satisfaction.

and friendly,
Cindy Teacher.

Cindy teacher always teaches happily and sincerely. She can be a good tutor, but also friend who you can laugh and talk with. She values and focuses on each student’s personal growth and joy while gaining confidence through her lessons.

and calm,
Eva Teacher.

Eva teacher is warm hearted and has many years of Korean teaching experience. Her students feel comfortable because she speaks her mind and tells her opinions while also teaching Korean.